Frozen chicken can be cooked in many ways - baked, grilled, or stir-fried chicken. When you buy several pounds of boneless, skinless frozen chicken, not only do you get the best quality frozen chicken in India, you also save a lot and always have a hearty meal ready. Just make four or five different recipes of marinades and rubs. Puncture the chicken with a fork to allow marinades and rubs to penetrate the meat. Mix the marinade and breast halves in labeled freezer bags, seal the bags, and knead the pieces of meat to circulate the marinade. Order your favorite frozen foods online & simply place your meat on a plate in your fridge the night before you plan on cooking it. The plate ensures that any moisture produced during the thawing process doesn't end up all over your fridge. In a day or two, you'll find perfectly thawed pieces of chicken, fish, or steak ready to get seasoned and cooked. For a larger piece of meat like a whole chicken or a roast-size cut of beef you'll want to allow more time to ensure the meat thaws all the way through.You can also use the cold water method effectively for smaller meats frozen seafood & frozen fish. The same cooking methods can be used and you can prepare and store your favorite seafood recipes in the freezer for a quick meal. If the best quality is not available in your neighborhood, it is relatively to get fish online in India & have it delivered to your doorstep at a time of your choosing. Like the cold water method, anything defrosted in the microwave should be cooked immediately before being refrigerated or refrozen.Shop from a range of Meats, Eggs & Seafood items such as frozen meats, mutton chops, turkey meat, pork chop, kebabs, mock meats, anchovies, fresh meats, cold meats, canned tuna, Premium Eggs, & exclusively at Natures Basket.


Browse through a wide range of Meats, Eggs & Seafood items such as crab claw, basa fillet, country eggs, chicken ham, Chicken Mince, chicken nuggets, chicken salami, duck eggs, crab stick, keggs eggs, smoked ham, mutton kebab, fish steaks, smoked chicken, or simply enter the item name in the search tab and be greeted with relevant results. We also store gluten free food to cater to your taste buds, so when you plan to try something different you always know where to go. Shop from an eclectic variety of fruits and vegetables ,Health Foods, International Cuisine, Indian Grocery, Confectionary and Patisserie, Meats, Seafood and Eggs, Snacks and Beverages, Breakfast, Dairy and Bakeryand Instant Meals and Ready to Eat Food online at Natures Basket. You can also buy exclusive Gift Hampers that are handpicked and amalgamated with the best products, be it birthday wishes or season greetings there's a gift hamper for every occasion. Check our Gift Hampers Online.


Nature's Basket is the retail venture of Group and is today India's foremost retail destination for fresh fruits, vegetables & world gourmet food from across the globe. At Nature's Basket we pride ourselves on our delivery service, simply put, it's swift and the products are packed in such a way that they aren't damaged. We have multiple payment options, pay it by card or close the deal with cash on delivery, we accept all kinds of payment options. Shopping at our portal has several benefits – Rewards Program, loyalty discounts, Exclusive Offers and mighty bargains, all of these by shopping only on Nature's Basket. Read about our famous Food Blog, Newsletters and Nature's Basket YouTube Channel () to know everything about food and world cuisine. Try a Gourmet Recipe from Natures Basket and treat your taste buds with an aromatic extravaganza of culinary delight. We offer a variety of exclusive products such as organic vegetables , green tea, greek yogurt, muesli, masalas, multigrain bread, dry fruits and nuts. Visit our online International Food shop for a world class grocery shopping experience.


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